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about me 

        Kaelyn McGowen was raised under neon lights. A Nevada desert native, she spent her childhood in this glowing playground. She started her creative journey as a painter. The elements of color and imagery in her painting work allowed her to tell stories and explore the narrative of the human experience. 
         Her work serves as a celebration of what makes us unique-our ability to imagine. McGowen has always been obsessed with the creative process: to make something out of nothing, to imagine other worlds, realities, possibilities. 
She studied Studio Arts at The University of Nevada and then received her MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University. While in Seattle she fell in love with both neon and the light art community. She believes that light mimics life, and inherently plays a role in our journeys. 
        She currently lives and creates in Portland Oregon creating multimedia work that uses neon and light to connect with audiences over the delightful nuances of humanhood. 

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